honey bee nutrition

Welcome to the Bee-Tuned Podcast, where we unravel the fascinating world of Honey Bee Nutrition!

Today, we’re privileged to have Dr. Gordon Wardell, the founder of MegaBee, a leading honey bee health company, joining us. Dr. Wardell, or Gordy, has worn a number of hats in the industry. Serving as chairman of the US-based non-profit Project Apis M., director of pollination for California’s Wonderful Orchards, and extension apiculturalist for the University of Maryland.

In this episode, we’ll explore a myriad of topics. From the evolution of beekeeping over the past 50 years to the critical aspects of honey bee nutrition. We’ll delve into the impact of extreme weather conditions on hives, the revolutionary concept of supplemental nutrition like bee bread, and much more.

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